Machine Components and Tear Attacks


Aside from their core mechanisms, machines are equipped with a number of specialised components designed to help them complete their tasks. Components can increase a machine's armour plating, add deadly weaponry, or enable the machine to use special powers. As such, components dramatically increase a machine's power and threat. A wily hunter can directly target a component to rip it from the machine and directly reduce its combat power.

The function of a component isn't always general knowledge, especially when a machine is new. A focus can be used to identify the purpose of a component. A focus can also scan through a machine and detect components that are hidden within its chassis.

Durability and Damaging Components

A machine's components and the effects or abilities of those components are included with its statblock. Each component has a durability score, which is essentially a pool of hit points just for the component. When a component's durability is reduced to 0, it is torn from the body of the machine and the machine no longer benefits from any features that require the component.

Unless otherwise specified, a component is immune to all forms of damage except for tear damage. A component doesn't share the machine's own resistances, immunities, or vulnerabilities. The component may have its own resistances, immunities, or vulnerabilities, in which case they are noted in its entry.

Components and Attacks versus Areas or Multiple Targets

When a machine is caught in an area effect that deals damage, the effect should be resolved against the machine and any of its components which can be damaged by the effect's damage type.

When a creature attacks a machine with an ability that can have multiple targets, then it can select any combination of the machine's main body and its components as individual targets.

Tear Attacks

When making an attack, a creature may specify it is attacking a component. This is resolved as any other attack, except the target's AC is typically higher than it would be against a normal attack. This reflects the difficulty of targeting a specific part of the machine, as well as any additional armour plating that might protect the component.

Tear Damage

If the attack hits, the attack's damage is resolved against the component's durability.

Tear damage is typically useless against a non-machine, and equally useless against a machine's main body. However, it is ideally suited for breaking off a machine's components. In most cases, though not all, a component's durability can only be reduced using tear damage.

At the GM's discretion tear damage might also work against some objects, provided the character's attack is intended to separate an object or part of an object from a larger whole.

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