The scrapper and glinthawk are acquisition class machines designed to gather obsolete technology for recycling. They both have the salvager trait, and are attracted to fallen machines and sites of Metal World technology.

The amount of time a single salvager takes to break down a machine or object, and the amount of the salvager's internal capacity that machine or object fills, are both determined by the salvaged machine or object's size. The table below shows the breakdown time and capacity requirements for each size category.

Object or Machine Size Breakdown Time Capacity Filled
Tiny 6 minutes 0.1 x capacity
Small 30 minutes 0.5 x capacity
Medium 1 hour 1 x capacity
Large 8 hours 4 x capacity
Huge 32 hours 16 x capacity
Gargantuan 128 hours (or more) 64 x capacity (or more)

Each time the salvager's capacity is filled it must deliver its current load to the nearest transport-class machine or cauldron before returning to the salvage site, a return trip which usually takes no more than 6 hours. Delivery times aren't factored into the breakdown times in the above table, which purely represent time spent on salvaging the fallen machine or object.

Multiple Salvagers

When multiple machines with the salvager trait work together, their collective time spent salvaging a fallen machine or object is cumulative. The amount of each salvager's capacity the salvaged object fills should be divided equally. For instance if four salvagers work on a Large object, they can complete the task in 2 hours, and each of them would be required to salvage an amount exactly equal to their capacity. Therefore they would be able to salvage the entire object in a single trip assuming all four had empty capacity to begin with.

Salvagers of Different Sizes

The rule above assume all participating salvagers are Large, as is the case with scrappers and glinthawks. If new types of salvager of different sizes are introduced (via future games in the franchise or your homebrew), then treat differently-sized salvagers as equivalent to a certain number of Large salvagers to determine their impact on the required breakdown time as well as how much of the salvage they individually consume. The table below shows the equivalency of different machine sizes using Large salvagers as the baseline.

Salvager Size Equivalency
Medium Equal to 0.25 Large salvagers
Huge Equal to 4 Large salvagers
Gargantuan Equal to 16 Large salvagers

Effect on Salvage Items

When salvager machines break down fallen machines, the amount of available salvage for hunters dwindles. They take the rarest and most valuable salvage items first before moving on to more common components. If your hunters attempt to salvage parts from a fallen machine that is already partially salvaged, some salvage items will be missing based on the amount of time salvagers have already spent breaking the fallen machine down as shown on the table below.

Breakdown Time (Tiny) Breakdown Time (Small) Breakdown Time (Medium) Breakdown Time (Large) Breakdown Time (Huge) Breakdown Time (Gargantuan) Missing Salvage
30 seconds 3 minutes 10 minutes 1 hour 2 hours 4 hours Machine Eye (any)
1 minute 7 minutes 15 minutes 2 hours 8 hours 32 hours Blaze, Chillwater, Echo Shell, Metalburn, Metal Vessel, Sparker
3 minutes 15 minutes 30 minutes 4 hours 16 hours 64 hours Crystal Braiding, Luminous Braiding, Machine Heart (any), Processed Metal Block

When a missing salvage item is rolled on a machine's loot table, the hunter finds a shard instead.

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