Glossary of Terms


Ability Grade. A letter grade that shows a creature's relative ability to other creatures with the same ability bonus or penalty. 5eZD uses ability grades instead of ability scores. Refer to Abilities for more information.

Hunter. A warrior who braves the wilds and roaming machines. All player characters in 5eZD are hunters.

Prestige. A path of elite skill or knowledge that isn't available to all hunters. Once a hunter meets any prerequisites of the prestige, they can select a feature of the prestige in place of a prowess. Refer to characters for more information.

Prowess. An optional class feature representing a specialist skill, knowledge, or talent. As hunters gain levels, their players may select a prowess for the hunter each time they gain the Hunter's Prowess feature. Refer to characters for more information.

Damage Types

Refer to the damage types page.


Stamina Check. An alternative method for gaining hit points when leveling up as well as recovering hit points on a rest. 5eZD uses this variant by default. Refer to hit points and stamina checks for more information.

Stamina Points. A number equal to the times you've made a stamina check to increase your hunter's maximum hit points. Can be spent on a rest to make a stamina check and recover hit points. Refer to hit points and stamina checks for more information.

Terms for Creatures

Creature. Any being capable of independent action. This includes humans, beasts, and machines.

Machine. An artificial creature made of metal and other components.

Non-Machine. An organic creature, typically a human or beast.

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