Damage Types

Damage in Horizon Zero Dragons can belong to any of the following types of damage:

Impact: Any kind of damage involving physical force, whether blunt, cutting, or penetrative. Impact damage is further broken down into three sub-types:

  • Melee: Impact damage dealt by close combat weapons.
  • Ranged: Impact damage dealt by ranged combat weapons.
  • Explosive: Impact damage dealt by any kind of bomb, mine, or blast trap.

Chemical: Acids, alkalis, and many man-made chemical products deal this type of damage. In general if it corrodes or is caustic, it deals chemical damage.

Laser: Energy damage is dealt primarily by beam weaponry such as a Thunderjaw's laser sweep.

Fire: Exposure to flame or extremely hot environmental conditions can cause fire damage.

Freeze: Ice damage can be caused by exposure to extreme temperature lows, as well as to attacks from machine weapons that harness cryogenic fluids.

Shock: Live currents, lightning strikes, and electrically charged ammunition are all examples of damage sources that deal shock damage.

Tear: Tear damage is especially effective at pulling apart machines, and might be a consequence of special arrows, ropecaster impacts, or the compressed air of a tearblaster. Tear damage is special in that it doesn't apply to the target's hit points. Instead, it reduces the durability of a machine's component. See Tear Attacks for more information.

Rare Damage Types

Though never experienced in the video game on which these rules are based, additional damage types could nevertheless reasonably exist in the world of Horizon. Examples include the following:

Poison: Sources of poison damage include the venom of certain insects, poisonous gases and vapours, as well as any substances that make you sick if handled or consumed.

Sonic: Concussive blasts of sound and painfully pitched noises are sources of sonic damage.

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