A burning creature takes fire damage at the beginning of their turn. The amount is determined by the effect which caused the condition. The condition can be ended in any of the following ways:

  • The fire is completely doused.
  • The burning creature gains the frozen condition, or takes cold damage equal to or exceeding the maximum ongoing fire damage.
  • The burning creature puts out the fire at the expense of their turn.
  • Another creature spends their turn putting out the burning creature.


A chilled creature's movement speed is halved.


Since the emergence of corrupted machines, hunters have began incorporating metalburn from the machines' corpses into weaponry such as the corruption arrow. The effects of the substance on a machine is to temporarily override its friend-foe identification, causing it to attack any nearby creatures or machines. The substance has a mind-altering effect on living creatures, curiously enough resulting in essentially the same outcome.

  • A creature with this condition believes all other creatures are hostile.
  • It attacks whichever creature is nearest to it at the beginning of each of its turns.
  • It repeats its saving throw at the end of each turn, ending this condition on a success.
  • A corrupted creature is immune to the overridden condition.


A disoriented creature has disadvantage on ability checks it makes, as well as might and finesse saving throws.


The following effects apply to a creature which is enraged:

  • Advantage on Might checks and Might saving throws.
  • The creature deals additional damage when making melee attacks using Might. The bonus to their damage roll is dependent on the creature's CR before, as shown in the enraged damage table.
  • The creature has resistance to melee and ranged impact damage.
CR Enraged Damage CR Enraged Damage CR Enraged Damage
0-2 +2 12-14 +6 24-26 +10
3-5 +3 15-17 +7 27-29 +11
6-8 +4 18-20 +8 30 +12
9-11 +5 21-23 +9


A frozen creature is locked in place by ice. They suffer the following effects:

  • The creature's speed is reduced to 0.
  • They automatically fail Dexterity saving throws.
  • Attacks rolls against the creature are made with advantage.
  • The creature is vulnerable to melee and ranged impact damage.

The frozen condition ends early if the creature takes damage. Another creature can also spend their action to break through the ice, freeing a frozen creature. A creature freed from the frozen condition becomes chilled.


This condition only affects machines. An overridden machine:

  • Can be controlled if mountable. When not mounted a machine acts entirely independently, but does follow the creature which overrode it to the best of its ability and defends them in combat.
  • Is hostile to any creature which is hostile to the creature which overrode it.
  • Is not hostile to allies of the creature which overrode it, but neither does it treat them as allies. It attacked or damaged by such a creature it becomes aggressive toward that creature.
  • Is immune to corruption.
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