A burning creature takes fire damage at the beginning of their turn. The amount is determined by the effect which caused the condition. The condition can be ended in any of the following ways:

  • The fire is completely doused.
  • The burning creature gains the frozen condition, or takes cold damage equal to or exceeding the maximum ongoing fire damage.
  • The burning creature puts out the fire at the expense of their turn.
  • Another creature spends their turn putting out the burning creature.


Corrupted is a condition that only affects machines. A machine that has the Corrupted condition has been hacked by HADES using the network hijacking capabilities of the chariot line (including corrupters, deathbringers, and metal devils). As a result of that hack, the machine obeys HADES and the metalburn within its begins to break down, causing the condition's physical effect.

  • A Corrupted machine is subordinate to the will of the hacker which corrupted it, or any of the hacker's designated allies.
  • It is immune to Corruption Confusion.
  • It oozes an acidic substance as they walk, creating a deadly corruption trail. The corruption trail fills any space the machine occupies, any adjacent space, and any space that it has passed through. When the machine moves so that it is neither occupying nor adjacent to a space on its corruption trail, the space ceases to be part of the trail at the beginning of the machine's next turn. Any creature that enters or begins its turn in a space occupied by the machine's corruption trail must make a Dexterity saving throw (DC = 10 + half the machine's CR, rounded down). On a failed save, the creature takes 7 (2d6) chemical damage.

Corruption Confusion

Since the emergence of Corrupted machines, hunters have began incorporating metalburn from the machines' corpses into weaponry such as the corruption arrow. The effects of the substance on a machine is to temporarily override its friend-foe identification, causing it to attack any nearby creatures or machines. The substance has a mind-altering effect on living creatures, curiously enough resulting in essentially the same outcome.

  • A creature suffering Corruption Confusion believes all other creatures are hostile.
  • It attacks whichever creature is nearest to it at the beginning of each of its turns.
  • It repeats its saving throw at the end of each turn, ending this condition on a success.


A disoriented creature has disadvantage on ability checks it makes, as well as might and finesse saving throws.



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