Skill Proficiencies

A number of skill proficiencies are available in Horizon Zero Dragons. The available skills are somewhat different from those in the core game, owing to a conscious effort to reduce the list down to skills suited to a game in which all characters are first and foremost hunters. To this end, a number of skills from the base game have been combined into new, broader skills:

Convince. combines the functions of Deception and Persuasion.

Lore. includes the functions of History and Religion. Note that history in this context includes lore relating to the tribes in and immediately neighbouring the region in which your game is set, not knowledge of the Metal World. For more obscure pieces of knowledge relating to tribes other than your own, your GM may set higher DCs.

Notice. combines the functions of Investigation and Perception.

Survival. combines the functions of Nature and Survival.

Additionally, the available proficiencies include:

Machines, which represents knowledge of machine types, understanding of how they tend to behave, and a rudimentary knowledge of their inner workings. Since the people of the world incorporate machine technology into their weapons and other devices, you can also use this skill to represent knowledge of such items, as well as engineering know-how.

Perform, which is simply a renamed Performance skill.

The skill list below is arranged so that each skill is assigned to the ability it is most likely to be combined with, but Horizon Zero Dragons uses the skills with different abilities variant. Hunters can use any combination of ability and skill that makes sense in the context of the moment. You'll also notice that some skills normally assigned to Charisma in the base game are listed twice, under both Acumen and Spirit. These skills are equally likely to be used with either ability, depending on whether your hunter uses their head or relies on their passion.


  • Athletics
  • Convince (Intimidation)


  • Acrobatics
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Stealth


  • Convince (Deception, Persuasion)
  • Lore
  • Machines
  • Medicine
  • Notice
  • Survival


  • Convince (Intimidation, Persuasion)
  • Perform

Metal World Proficiency

There is no skill for lore regarding the Metal World: too little is known about it, and even those who research it have very fragmented knowledge. Instead, you learn about the Metal World as you encounter its secrets within its ruins. On any future occasion when your previous explorations might help you recall something about the Metal World or reason out likely answers, your GM may allow you to add your proficiency bonus to an Acumen ability check.

Tool Proficiencies

All tools described in the base rules exist in the world of Horizon Zero Dragons.

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