The Machine Master

A tiny minority of hunters are lucky enough to come across a working example of an ancient device known as a focus. Rarer still are the hunters that learn to operate the focus and take advantage of its myriad functions. If you're fortunate enough to gain a working focus your class changes, and you attain the focused hunter prestige. As a focused hunter you continue to gain class features as a hunter. However, you also have access to new class features called focus abilities, which represent an increasing understanding of your focus and its capabilities.


  • You must already be a focused hunter.
  • You must identify and acquire the CPU enslavement component from any chariot-class machines (which includes corruptors, deathbringers, metal devils).
  • You must combine the CPU enslavement component onto a two-handed melee weapon and sync it to your focus.

Prestige Features


At any level you are able to select a new tribal technique, you may instead gain this feature. Alternatively, when you gain a level in the Hunter class, you may choose one tribal technique you already know know and replace it with the override feature.

You are able to make a special melee attack against a surprised machine. You may use this attack only against certain types of machine: those created within a PSI cauldron. This includes: broadheads, chargers, control towers, redeye watchers, watchers, striders, and tallnecks. Note that control towers and tallnecks are special cases, and overriding them does not follow the normal rules nor result in the usual outcomes described by this feature.

On a hit, the machine gains the overriding condition. The time it takes you to override a machine depends on its CR. If your attempt to override the machine is uninterrupted for the necessary duration, then the machine loses the overriding condition and instead gains the overridden condition for a limited period of time. See the Override Times by CR table for the time it takes to override a machine and the duration for which the override lasts.

If a creature the machine currently considers an ally attack or otherwise take a hostile action against it, then the machine treats that creature as hostile but the override remains in place for you and other allied creatures. If you attack or otherwise take a hostile action against a machine you've overridden, then the override immediately ends.

You are also able to override certain special machines including cauldrons, control towers, door and bridge controls, and tallnecks. The effects of such overrides vary by machine type,and your GM has more information about what occurs in these instances..

Override Upgrades

Once you have the override feature, at any level you are able to select a new hunter's prowess you may instead gain an override upgrade. See the Prowess/Override Upgrades Known table.

Level Prowess/Override Upgrades Known
1 1
3 2
7 3
9 4
13 5
15 6
17 7
20 8

Each time you gain a level in the hunter class, you may choose one prowess you know and replace it with a override upgrade from this list for which you qualify. Alternatively, you can replace a override upgrade from this list either with a prowess for which you qualify, or an equivalent and interchangeable feature from another prestige to which you belong.

Combat Override.

Combat Override+ (requires Combat Override).

Dismount Strike.

Mount Repair.

Machine Repair (requires Mount Repair).

Cauldron Upgrades

You don't gain the ability to override different types of machines just by increasing your level. Instead, you must actively seek out cauldrons, make your way to their hearts, and override the cores. Once a cauldron core is overridden for upgrades it can't be overridden again until enough time has passed for the machines to repair it, which could take months. Therefore, if there are multiple Machine Masters among the player characters they must decide among themselves who will benefit from each cauldron upgrade, and whether it's worth it to make a return trip!

Cauldron Machine Override Ability
PSI (already known) broadheads, chargers, control towers, redeye watchers, watchers, striders, and tallnecks
SIGMA grazer, lancehorn, sawtooth, scrapper
RHO longleg, ravager, shell-walker, snapmaw, trampler
XI behemoth, fire bellowback, freeze bellowback, glinthawk, stalker
ZETA rockbreaker, stormbird, thunderjaw
EPSILON fireclaw, frostclaw, scorcher
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