Hit Points and Stamina Checks

All creatures have a certain number of hit points, just as they do in the base game. However, the method you use to determine your hit points at 1st and every subsequent level is different. Instead of rolling a Hit Die, you roll a stamina check and gain hit points based on your result. Likewise, instead of having a certain number of Hit Dice to spend on healing when you rest, you have stamina points equal to your level and can spend any number of stamina points to make that many stamina checks, recovering hit points equal to the results of the rolls.

One of the major advantages of stamina checks for Horizon Zero Dragons is that the rule generally results in characters receiving more hit points overall, leading to a heroic feel that suits the source material and helps in some small part to make up for the comparative lack of healing available. However, if you don't like this alternative method, then don't use it! If you prefer to use Hit Dice, note that your hunters should roll d8s.

Stamina Checks

Gaining Levels

When you gain a level, roll a Might ability check and add your proficiency bonus. Some hunters and creatures add additional modifiers to the roll. Then compare the result with the below table to determine the hit points you've gained.

Rather than refer to the table, an alternative method to quickly determine your hit points is to divide your stamina check result by 2 and round up (with one exception: round a result less than 1 down to 0).

d20 Roll Hit Points d20 Roll Hit Points d20 Roll Hit Points
0 0 15 8 30 15
1 1 16 8 31 16
2 1 17 9 32 16
3 2 18 9 33 17
4 2 19 10 34 17
5 3 20 10 35 18
6 3 21 11 36 18
7 4 22 11 37 19
8 4 23 12 38 19
9 5 24 12 39 20
10 5 25 13 40 20
11 6 26 13 41 21
12 6 27 14 42 21
13 7 28 14 43 22
14 7 29 15 44 22
45 23

Stamina Points and Healing on a Rest

You possess a number of Stamina Points equal to your level.

Short Rest Healing

You can spend one or more Stamina Points at the end of a short rest, up to your maximum number of Stamina Points. For each Stamina Points spent in this way, you make a Stamina Check and regain hit points equal to the result. You can decide to spend an additional Stamina Point after each check. You regain some spent Stamina Points upon finishing a long rest, as explained below.

Long Rest Healing

At the end of a long rest, you regain all lost hit points. You also regain spent Stamina Points, up to a number of points equal to half of your character's total Stamina Points (minimum of one). For example, if you have eight Stamina Points, you can regain four spent Stamina Points upon finishing a long rest.

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