About Me

Hi! Thanks for visiting the Horizon Zero Dragons wiki! I'm Ross, and I make content for Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop roleplaying game systems. I'm the creative mind behind Spilled Ale Studios, but I also release free content the brand under which I both publish content and blog thought experiments and free materials.

Horizon Zero Dragons isn't actually the first video game hack I've created for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition. I also created Fifth Edition Fallout, which has proven pretty popular! There's a chance you might even have heard of it already, but if not please do check it out if you're a Fallout fan. Fifth Edition Fallout began life as a series of articles on my blog aimed at walking the reader through the process of hacking rules to model a new setting/genre/game experience, illustrating the sort of things the hacker needs to consider. Eventually, it became a larger personal project and kept growing and evolving. I began compiling the rules into a regularly updated PDF, then took on a major undertaking to port all of the information over to a wiki format for ease of reference.

This time round, I'm taking lessons from that process and approaching the project from another direction: I'm starting with the wiki and skipping the PDF entirely.

That's it! I'm glad you found the Horizon Zero Dragons wiki, and I hope you enjoy reading this content—and hopefully playing it!—as much as I enjoy creating it.

Horizon Zero Dawn is the sole intellectual property of Guerilla Games. This is purely a fan work. Rules presented work with D&D 5e. Text and game mechanics presented in this wiki are not Open Game Content and should not be reproduced or repackaged in any way.